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SOLLO7 - Taxi Driver (Official Lyrics)

Verse 1

In the morning she said hello baby boy I miss you bad

But now I'm standing all alone heart in my hand feeling so sad

How does a good thing end before it's even started

Feels like sunset in the morning

My friends warned me to watch my heart and use my head that is the rule

But romantic nonsense got me high acting the typical fool

And here I was being a sucker for love got so weak in the knees

Now I've got no knees to walk home


So Taxi Taxi Taxi driver ee

Papa Taxi driver ee

Adeɛ na ɛresa yi fa me kɔ 'fie Fa me kɔ 'fie fa me kɔ 'fie

Na mogya 'retu m'akoma

Verse 2

Here I am again in your backseat I found a girl she is so sweet

Oh no she's nothing like the other ones I think she might be the one

But multicolored signals got me high and got me low

My head spinning like alikoto, oh no

(Na wei aa y3de y3 nkwan ma no y3 yi3?)

If she could see what I see

Our future home our boy and girl the two of us at 89

Wouldn't be thinking I'm just another heartbreak in the making

Eleven months is more than enough time to make up her mind

Today today I for know

~ Chorus ~

Verse 3

Good good morning to you my taxi guy as you can see I'm in a joyful mood

Because of her my faith in love true love has been renewed

My baby she said I will marry you I'm here for good

I am swinging over the moon my joy is a waterfall

Never thought I would be saying this tomorrow is my wedding day

I wanna thank you for all the many tips from yesterday and today

And all the ones for all the many days after our wedding day

Truly you see and you know it all

~ Chorus ~

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