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SOLLO7 - Papa Said (Official Lyrics)

Verse 1

Oh Papa I just met a lady

I think I’ve finally found the one

And I really want to make her my wife

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

She has all the beauty of a queen

When I see her I can’t calm myself

Yesterday we chose our wedding date

27th... 27th


Let me be honest with you little boy

You have found such a good thing happy boy


Oh your wedding day will be beautiful

But you gotta make all the many days

All the many days after beautiful too

Verse 2

Her wedding dress go from Heaven

We go do am for one location

Everybody by invitation

We go jolly, we go dey jolly

From the bouquet right to the DJ

From the buffet down to the cake

Everybody go talk say go talk say

Best wedding best wedding ever

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