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SOLLO7 - Marry You (Official Lyrics)

Verse 1

Heaven is raining blessings now

So overwhelming and all around

We will be united throughout our lives

And still holding hands through 95

I cannot promise days of sunshine

We may never have happy days all the time

I can not promise rainbows and gold

But this one thing I know till we grow old


I will marry you

I will be loving you

Verse 2

I look in your eyes and see eternity

I have no doubt we are bound to be

We'll take this journey from day to day

Heaven knows we will go the whole nine for always

~ Hook ~


If we could see (The future)

And how this plays out (Oh oh oh)

I know it will be (Much better)

Than where we are now


I will still marry you

I will be loving you

(Omalitsa mwa e, I love you)

~ Hook ~


Baby you know I go dey for you

I go dey for you only you

I, I, I will marry you

I, I, I will love you always

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