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SOLLO7 - Korinto Love (Official Lyrics)


[Indistinct chant]

Verse 1

There are days when the sun fails to show

There are nights when moon holds back its glow

Mighty warriors may never come home

A loving mother may sometimes forget her home

But there is you

And I thank the Lord that all my tomorrows will be spent with you


Cuz your love is kind, your love is true

Your love is patient, won’t set sail

Genuine love is you

No matter the pressure

It will never ever ever ever fail

Verse 2

(Ye-Ye-Ye) Yesu dɔ yi bi, Ahyɛ w’akoma mu

Disappointment bia’ra nne wo dɔ yi mu

Me ne wo bɛ kɔ akosi ɛwieyɛ

ɔdɔ kain a m’ehunu nit I will say yes

So many things look like love

But are not love

Love like your so stubborn so committed

Oh this love who can find?

~ Chorus ~

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