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SOLLO7 - I Must Be Mad (Official Lyrics)

Verse 1

I must be mad if I walk away

I must be mad

Nowadays where you go find am

Woman wey wey she fine and

She dey pray she dey slay she dey cook o

My mama like am she talk me say

Dis baby cool o

Wetin dey again to do o?


Oh I oh I have been wai-waiting

All my all my all my li-life

For you you you you you you you

I must be mad not marry you

You you you you you you you

Verse 2

Call me crazy if I let you go

A little crazy if my love no dey show

I’ve been waiting for this moment

For you to show me your commitment

So today I promise dat I go ride for you

And if we had to go to war I go die for you

Wetin lef me make I do?


ɔdɔyewu ee m’ahomatiaa

Menko me de ee de ee de ee


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