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SOLLO7 - Me Ne Woa (Official Lyrics)

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Verse 1

Do you believe there are angels all around us

Do you believe in dreams coming true

Do you believe everybody has someone special for them

I believe my someone is you

Do you feel the magic in the air

Do you see the sparkle in the sun

Do you know I have been waiting for you all my life

Now we are together as one


OdO me ne w’aa, me ne w’aa

OdO me ne w’aa, me ne w’aa

OdO me ne w’aa, me ne w’aa

Verse 2

Do you believe in making history

We will leave our fingerprints behind

We will give a whole new meaning to love

Come what may forever you are mine

Rap [Okyeame Kwame]


Rap Doctor!

K’si boy me mpε flowers (d33bi)

Deε me pε aa ne show ne enumgywa prowess (haha)

Deε me pε aa ne dough na m’araini dollars (Shhh)

Me nim mbaa yi pε oo na me changi colours (Yeah)

Na 3nso sε deε trɔtrɔ ’wura campus w’adane shuttle

Me hyea wo yi m’adane gentle

Me nenam asɔre Bo Nɔɔ Ni; Joe Mettle (Brrrrrr)

Wo dɔ yi asɔre abobɔ me agye me title (Hahhh!)

Nansa yi me pε bikes ma me nraidi wo

Nso wo de me nenam church na daa Bible

Ohemaa Mercy; Tehila n’adɔɔso

It’s time to show mercy

I dey feel the anointing; Eazi

W’atwi the whole park; Messi!


Nfa ho niε aa εbεba

W’akoma yi, w’akoma yi me nti da

Nfa ho niε aa εbesi

Me ne wo a’ me ne wo ara bε tena

Nfa ho niε εbεba

W’akoma yi, me ne wo ara

Daa Daa Daa Daa (la la la la)


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