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SOLLO7 - Look (Official Lyrics)

Verse 1

All I wanted was a little bit of love

Someone that I can call my woman my lady

I had my eyes on silver I had my eyes on less

Chasing waterfalls and butterflies

But God had better plans

He took my silver and Jehovah gave me gold

The most beautiful woman of my dreams

Jehovah likes to show off so He gives His very best


Now look what the Lord has done for me

(The Lord has done for me)

Bringing you my way

From Sunday to Sunday be like Christmas day

Which kind love at all be dis?

So sweet like toffee when you came my way

Oh happy day be like Christmas day


Lala o lala o oh

Lala o lala o oh

Lala o lala o oh

Oh oh


Verse 2

εndε me na me nie εndε me na me nie

Somebody beautiful making me her somebody

Tomorrow your baby go come so don’t give up tell it to God


Somebody is praying hard to find someone like you

You are somebody’s breakthrough

(Mmm true)

Isaiah 34:16 nobody shall lack a lover

See my treasure great Jehovah

~ Chorus ~

Verse 3

All I wanted was

(Ahaa OK)

A little bit of love

Me (lady) love she dey blow my mind oh baby

She be heavenly she be she be heavenly


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